Désirée on TV

We are very proud of our team member Désirée who has been in the news this week because of her work with Women on web – improving access to safe abortions through inventive telemedicine. This is extra important in the time of Trump reinforcing global gag rule – stopping all US aid to organizations mentioning abortion as an alternative. It is natural that our doctor feels as if she needs to take a stand in these issues.

Desirée speaks on Aftonbladet TV

Désirée speaks on Aftonbladet TV about her work with Woman on web

Film from Aftonbladet TV: http://tv.aftonbladet.se/abtv/articles/208400

Newspaper article in Dagens Nyheter: http://www.dn.se/ekonomi/global-utveckling/strid-om-aborter-oppnar-for-hjalp-over-granser/

Fritzi for Team Obstetrics

Team Infection: Clinical Report

We have just finished the draft for the clinical report that shall be delivered to the Infectious Diseases clinic and distributed to other wards at Danderyds Sjukhus.

It has been sent to our Reference Group of experts at the clinic, in order to get their feedback and iterate. This way, we will deliver a more valuable report, while they will get on-spot solutions and suggestions for improvement.

This week we met as well our Business Mentors, which gave their feedback about how are we addressing our commercial project and what could be our next course of action in the upcoming weeks. We look forward to meet them again and share our progress.

Last but not least, we had two workshops about IP, delivered by Simon Curtis, from Potter Clarkson, where we learned about what to take into account on patent research as well as intellectual property protection. We also enjoyed a workshop about reimbursement, kindly delivered by BcG.

We are looking forward for next week’s Reference Group meeting, in order to get valuable feedback for our report and present our Master’s Thesis students projects to the clinic.

(You can always reach us by sending an e-mail to: teaminfection@clinicalinnovation.se)

José (Team Infection)

Business mentor meeting #3

It seems like time is going faster and faster, January is already gone! Suddenly there’s only about 2,5 months left of the programme and then we will be standing on our own legs. We are still learning heaps, but hopefully we will feel ok when the time is ready.

The main things happening this week has been the “finalizing” of  the draft of the clinical report and having our business mentor meeting 3.

The clinical report is now sent out to our reference group and we are looking forward to meeting them again in a week with our students. The master students have also started their work properly and are digging deeper into the clinics needs, learning more about how the Women’s Department is working.

Clinical report

Clinical report

Business meeting was great. First time we had all our five mentors there, which was excellent! We talked about our final need, concerning breastfeeding, and got a lot of feedback from the wise group. Each of them have their different perspective, and all of them are very worthwhile for us. We discussed digging deeper into the questions that comes up, start prototyping as soon as possible and reiterating the process, think how and who we need to collaborate with to succeed and about similar companies that we can learn from. And always keep our need in mind!

We have also been focusing on learning more about IP this week. The British IP attorney Simon Curtis came to Sweden and held an excellent lecture about IP – making it far from as boring as I originally imagined it to be. IP is actually interesting and, of course, extremely useful to have some understanding for in this business. BcG also had an evening lecture for us about it.

Lecture with BcG

Lecture with BcG


Last but not least, we had a CIF- after work with fellows from earlier years. It is always great fun to meet them and hear their stories from what they did during their fellowship but also what they are doing now!

//Désirée (doctor) for Team O


Master students, photoshoot and sketching

The past week we met and held an introduction day for all our master students where they got to know details about the project and we  got to know each other a bit better. It was really fun to talk to them. One exercise that I really enjoyed was when we were divided into groups and  had to find 3 common thing in our life’s.  We also talked to the students about the clinic and gave them some good to know about the anatomy. Then we walked around at the hospital to help them find their way around. Some of our students were able to start observing on their own the very day after our introduction. We feel very proud that our students seems to be so eager to start their journey as our master students!

Since we now have decide to go for the breastfeeding need for the Clinical innovation, we finally started to make some sketches. The sketches was more to illustrate our discussions and ideas during a previous brain storming session. For almost 5 months I, as a designer, haven’t sketched anything so it felt very fun to be able to start sketching again!pennor

The past week we met with a photographer who took photos of us for the up coming website and promotion for the program. It was almost a full day of work and very fun.foto-bakomkulliserna_Q4A1680-grupp

During the week we also worked a lot on our clinical report since the deadline is coming up soon. The clinical report is a report to give to the clinic at Danderyds Hospital to tell them our thoughts after our weeks of observation. Hopefully they could benefit from this!

Best regards



Team Infection: Framing the week

We started this week working in the Clinical Report that we will deliver to the Infectious Diseases Clinic. As is it our intention to validate our proposals as far as possible, we are back at Danderyds Sjukhus, testing some solutions and making interviews. Our list of solutions is as big Stanley Kubrick’s aperture, so we really have to select the right ones.

We were also invited to the new infectious diseases’ ward, which is located beneath ward 4. New facilities, new personnel, single patient rooms and a different frameworks are some of the characteristics that prevail in this new stage. We thank them for the invitation, as our curiosity sense bellows for knowing how the staff and procedures will adapt to the expansion.

Fil 004

Inauguration of the new ward

We have also been working on our need and meeting potential customers in order to get some insight about the problem we are trying to solve, who is the crying costumer and what could be an early stage adopter, flashed by our solution.

This week we also had a photo session with Team O, as we still had the need to have some pictures of our clinical experiences, for promo and storytelling. I guess the best ones were the ones that were the most “al naturel”.


Bad-ass photo for bad-ass teams

We are now finishing the draft of Clinical Report that we will send to the clinic for evaluation, hoping that they find their needs portrayed and taken into account, with the aim of (humbly) betterment, as much as possible, our beloved host clinic.

(You can always reach us by sending an e-mail to: teaminfection@clinicalinnovation.se)

José (Team Infection)

The Decision

The time had come. We needed to choose our final need. The need that we would try to solve. For years to come, perhaps. After months of observations and research we found ourselves navigating towards the need that would allow us to a product in the market within the next few year. And it´s all about breastfeeding. More information to come.

This week we have kicked off STING test drive. Gisela Sitbon from STING is walking us through the lean business canvas. In this evening class we are joined by 10 other innovative start ups within health.

We have also paid a visit to Sirona, a management consultancy agency within healthcare. They set up a workshop for us, where we learnt about methods of implementing change and innovation in healthcare.

At Sironas office

At Sirona’s office

Finally, on Thursday we met up with CIF Alumni for a bit of wheelchair basketball. It was hectic, messy and wonderful. This was followed by a dinner where we learnt more about what the other CIF members have done since the program.

All in all a very inspiring and informative week of CIF, as always.

Wheelchair basketball at Bosön

Team Infection: Pivoting (on the court)

Starting the week with STING, at the STING Test Drive in H2, we were introduced to the Lean Canvas (inspired by the Business Canvas and by Lean Startup), an entrepreneur-focused business plan, as it mainly focuses in problems, solutions, key metrics and competitive advantages. Other 10 teams will be accompanying us through the Test Drive, where we will be provided with valuable tools for our start-up’s development.

On Wednesday, we were invited by a consultancy agency focused on healthcare (and workplace of one of the Fellows), Sirona. We thank them for the tools they gave us for stakeholder analysis, and how ignoring a key player could kill any changes we wish to bring to healthcare.


Mapping the stakeholders, strategically close to the candy

On Thursday we had the privilege to play CIF’s renowned yearly tradition, since the first edition: wheelchair basketball. That and the dinner we had after with Clinical Innovation Fellows from all editions was a great opportunity to mingle and share experiences.


Dinner time!

Last, but not least, we had a presentation on Danderyd Sjukhus to our Master Thesis students, where we introduced the clinic to them. From facts to figures, must do’s and mustn’ts, clinical etiquette and frameworks, we tried to transmit our previous experience to them, learned from our shadowing experience.

(You can always reach us by sending an e-mail to: teaminfection@clinicalinnovation.se)

José (Team Infection)

Happy New Year! Happy New Ideas!

A new year has started and after a well needed Christmas break team obstetrics has started our work again. During christmas our thoughts on our four last commercial needs have been marinating and the first Monday back one of the needs was eliminated due to too research intensive.

Recap: Just a few weeks before christmas we decided on four commercial needs to move forward with. We have spent these last weeks on learning more about them, interviewing people (according to the Mom Test – Fritzi held a seminar for the rest of us) and brainstorming solutions in and outside the box. One big help was having Maria from the Barcelona program coming to visit us. She gave us some new tools to work with, to analyze all different aspects of our needs and make an overall evaluation.

So “Ideation phase”. We are working on brainstorming and getting all ideas out of our systems! Both crazy and more predictable ones. Trying to think of new things. Look at the problems in new ways. We have tried brainstorming games, individual brainstorming sessions, group sessions and structured brainstorming. We try to be open minded and keep our eyes open for new solutions that we haven’t seen yet. Short google searches show that there are few thoughts that are truly original. But we’ll see what we can do!

Luckily enough we had a ideation workshop about brainstorming with Anna Thies on Friday. It took our ideation to new levels.

Anna Thies' workshop.

Anna Thies’ workshop.

At the same time we are planning for our students to arrive at the hospital. We are preparing access cards, lectures and meetings. We are looking forward to starting working for solutions with our four clinical needs and believe our students will do a great work.

2017 – here we go!

//Désirée – for team O

Team Infection: Back To Work

After we took some time off for Christmas Break, with even some of us returning back to our countries for the holidays… we are back!

Team Infection is currently working in a commercial need related with patient behavior and making healthcare even more efficient. As you can imagine, changing people’s behavior can be extremely difficult, especially if it requires a change of routines or habits. Taking that into mind, we are trying to turn it around somehow, making use of those pre-existing behaviors and information, to actually adapt the system to the patient, and not the other way around.

We are also preparing the Clinical Report that we will deliver to the Infectious Diseases Clinic at Danderyds Sjukhus, in which we are suggesting solutions that aim towards real change.

Our master students will be visiting next week the wards, so we are preparing for them an agenda for their kick-off day, where we will show them the clinic, meet the staff and give them guidelines about how to behave at the hospital.

Finally, to end the week, we had a Brainstorming workshop with Anna Thies, Clinical Innovation Fellow:


Short calm lecture before the Brainstorm

We had the opportunity to play around with different brainstorming tools, like posting ideas individually or building ideas based on others. It definitely was a fitting tool at this moment, when we are working so thoughtfully with our need! Thank you Anna!

(You can always reach us by sending an e-mail to: teaminfection@clinicalinnovation.se)

José (Team Infection)

No idea is too crazy

The past week we finally started with brainstorming, an activity all of us had been looking forward to for weeks. We decided to do brainstorming on all of our four top needs before we decide which one we will move further forward with. And so we sat together for hours and filled the walls of our meeting room with magic whiteboards full of post-its, sketches and crazy ideas.

In parallel we were also preparing for in-depth interviews with patients and experts from healthcare to learn even more about our four needs and get some additional inspiration.

Maria as moderator for our first brainstorming session

Maria was the moderator for our first brainstorming session

Brainstorming with Maria

Brainstorming with Maria

At the beginning of the week we had a visitor – Maria from d·Health, the Biodesign Fellowship Program in Barcelona, joined us for two days to get in touch with healthcare in Sweden and to see how breastfeeding mothers are supported at a Swedish hospital. She also helped us to kick-off the brainstorming by introducing some methods she had learned during her time in the fellowship program. Many thanks to Maria for leading a wonderful brainstorming session!

Towards the end of the week we used another opportunity to learn from the experience of an earlier fellowship team. We visited Pilloxa, a startup founded by fellows of the program from 2014/2015 and bribed them with cake and beers into sharing there learnings from surviving as a start-up within healthcare with us. Many different topics, such as team development, financing, work organization and the specific challenges for start-ups within healthcare were discussed. I won’t reveal any of the many tips we got here – if you want them to share some of their advice with you, you will have to try to convince them yourselves.

It is only one week left before Christmas but we are prepared to use it to its max for brainstorming and interviews.
Fritzi // Team Obstetrics