Business mentor meeting #3

It seems like time is going faster and faster, January is already gone! Suddenly there’s only about 2,5 months left of the programme and then we will be standing on our own legs. We are still learning heaps, but hopefully we will feel ok when the time is ready.

The main things happening this week has been the “finalizing” of  the draft of the clinical report and having our business mentor meeting 3.

The clinical report is now sent out to our reference group and we are looking forward to meeting them again in a week with our students. The master students have also started their work properly and are digging deeper into the clinics needs, learning more about how the Women’s Department is working.

Clinical report

Clinical report

Business meeting was great. First time we had all our five mentors there, which was excellent! We talked about our final need, concerning breastfeeding, and got a lot of feedback from the wise group. Each of them have their different perspective, and all of them are very worthwhile for us. We discussed digging deeper into the questions that comes up, start prototyping as soon as possible and reiterating the process, think how and who we need to collaborate with to succeed and about similar companies that we can learn from. And always keep our need in mind!

We have also been focusing on learning more about IP this week. The British IP attorney Simon Curtis came to Sweden and held an excellent lecture about IP – making it far from as boring as I originally imagined it to be. IP is actually interesting and, of course, extremely useful to have some understanding for in this business. BcG also had an evening lecture for us about it.

Lecture with BcG

Lecture with BcG


Last but not least, we had a CIF- after work with fellows from earlier years. It is always great fun to meet them and hear their stories from what they did during their fellowship but also what they are doing now!

//Désirée (doctor) for Team O


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