Team Infection: Framing the week

We started this week working in the Clinical Report that we will deliver to the Infectious Diseases Clinic. As is it our intention to validate our proposals as far as possible, we are back at Danderyds Sjukhus, testing some solutions and making interviews. Our list of solutions is as big Stanley Kubrick’s aperture, so we really have to select the right ones.

We were also invited to the new infectious diseases’ ward, which is located beneath ward 4. New facilities, new personnel, single patient rooms and a different frameworks are some of the characteristics that prevail in this new stage. We thank them for the invitation, as our curiosity sense bellows for knowing how the staff and procedures will adapt to the expansion.

Fil 004

Inauguration of the new ward

We have also been working on our need and meeting potential customers in order to get some insight about the problem we are trying to solve, who is the crying costumer and what could be an early stage adopter, flashed by our solution.

This week we also had a photo session with Team O, as we still had the need to have some pictures of our clinical experiences, for promo and storytelling. I guess the best ones were the ones that were the most “al naturel”.


Bad-ass photo for bad-ass teams

We are now finishing the draft of Clinical Report that we will send to the clinic for evaluation, hoping that they find their needs portrayed and taken into account, with the aim of (humbly) betterment, as much as possible, our beloved host clinic.

(You can always reach us by sending an e-mail to:

José (Team Infection)

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