Team Infection: Pivoting (on the court)

Starting the week with STING, at the STING Test Drive in H2, we were introduced to the Lean Canvas (inspired by the Business Canvas and by Lean Startup), an entrepreneur-focused business plan, as it mainly focuses in problems, solutions, key metrics and competitive advantages. Other 10 teams will be accompanying us through the Test Drive, where we will be provided with valuable tools for our start-up’s development.

On Wednesday, we were invited by a consultancy agency focused on healthcare (and workplace of one of the Fellows), Sirona. We thank them for the tools they gave us for stakeholder analysis, and how ignoring a key player could kill any changes we wish to bring to healthcare.


Mapping the stakeholders, strategically close to the candy

On Thursday we had the privilege to play CIF’s renowned yearly tradition, since the first edition: wheelchair basketball. That and the dinner we had after with Clinical Innovation Fellows from all editions was a great opportunity to mingle and share experiences.


Dinner time!

Last, but not least, we had a presentation on Danderyd Sjukhus to our Master Thesis students, where we introduced the clinic to them. From facts to figures, must do’s and mustn’ts, clinical etiquette and frameworks, we tried to transmit our previous experience to them, learned from our shadowing experience.

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