Happy customers

The last week was all about talking to the people for whom our work makes a difference.

To get more inside from the potential customers of our solution to breastfeeding problems we interviewed mothers and mothers to be on their experiences and expectations.

Furthermore we got a lot of valuable feedback from people working at the Women’s Department on the projects that deal with solutions to local needs of the department. Since the last reference group meeting we recruited Master students to the four project that the reference group (consisting of  several doctors, midwives and nurses of the department) had chosen. The students started working on those projects in January and now presented their first results and their plans on how to proceed with their work to the reference group. The reference group contributed with their experiences and ideas from many years of working at the department and gave valuable feedback to the students.

David, one of our Master students, presenting his project to the reference group

In a lunch meeting with the head of the department we discussed the clinical report, which describes a number of selected local needs and gives suggestions for solutions. From her we got very positive feedback on the clinical report. She confirmed the relevance of many of the needs and told us about how the department already started working on solving one of the needs that we had identified. She also said that reading the report gave her inspiration to many more projects on improving how the departments works.

What could be a better feedback than hearing that the department now actively works with the needs that we identified?


Fritzi // Team Obstetrics

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