2017-04-06 | José Díaz

Team Infection: Last Reference Group Meeting

This week we had our last reference group meeting, where our master students presented to the Reference Group the current…

| Désirée Lichtenstein

Getting closer to the end…

We only have a few weeks left of the CIF-program. It is time to start and tie together are different…

2017-04-02 | José Díaz

Team Infection: Working with the Pros

We made it through our Business Mentor meeting, with very valuable feedback about our way forward and how can we…

2017-03-31 | John van Leer

Our last mentor meeting!

This week we had our last business mentor meeting. We presented our product pitch, showed them our business plan and…

2017-03-23 | José Díaz

Team Infection: Back to the Clinic

As we advanced last week, we need to gather more learnings about how can we influence patients’ behavior and how…

2017-03-22 | Désirée Lichtenstein

Working with experts

So this week and the end of last we have been focusing on working on our business plan, working on…

2017-03-18 | Désirée Lichtenstein

STING Test Drive Victory

Here is an article about our victory in STING Test Drive. As Carina already mentions in it, it has been…

2017-03-17 | José Díaz

Team Infection: Back to the start (sort of)

First of all, we would like to congratulate Team O for winning STING Test Drive last Monday. They had a…

2017-03-15 | Désirée Lichtenstein

We won!

It is only Wednesday but so much has happened this week that it is already time for a post! The…

2017-03-12 | Fritzi Töpfer

Building a plan for the future

The week started with a test run for our pitch at Sting Test Drive. We presented our pitch in front…

2019-05-17 | Annelie Hultman

Primary care – the first encounter with patients

Entrance of Norra primary care center in Norrtälje. STOCKHOLM – one fourth of the observation phase in the primary care…

2019-05-10 | Marcus Bilgec

Introducing Team Gothenburg 2019

GOTHENBURG – Today marks the first week of clinical immersion for the Gothenburg team. Who are we? Meet Team Palliative.…

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