2017-03-31 | John van Leer

Our last mentor meeting!

This week we had our last business mentor meeting. We presented our product pitch, showed them our business plan and…

2017-03-23 | José Díaz

Team Infection: Back to the Clinic

As we advanced last week, we need to gather more learnings about how can we influence patients’ behavior and how…

2017-03-22 | Désirée Lichtenstein

Working with experts

So this week and the end of last we have been focusing on working on our business plan, working on…

2017-03-18 | Désirée Lichtenstein

STING Test Drive Victory

Here is an article about our victory in STING Test Drive. As Carina already mentions in it, it has been…

2017-03-17 | José Díaz

Team Infection: Back to the start (sort of)

First of all, we would like to congratulate Team O for winning STING Test Drive last Monday. They had a…

2017-03-15 | Désirée Lichtenstein

We won!

It is only Wednesday but so much has happened this week that it is already time for a post! The…

2017-03-12 | Fritzi Töpfer

Building a plan for the future

The week started with a test run for our pitch at Sting Test Drive. We presented our pitch in front…

2017-03-10 | José Díaz

Team Infection: Money, Money, Money

So of course one of our biggest concerns, specially after the 1st of May is: how do we get resources…

2017-03-07 | Désirée Lichtenstein

Article in Moderna Läkare

Peter and I got interviewed for the “Moderna Läkare”, the magazine for junior doctors, about Clinical Innovation Fellowships. They got…

2017-03-03 | Désirée Lichtenstein

Pitch perfect – Team O digging deeper

The weeks keep going faster and faster. Team Obstetrics is learning more and more about breastfeeding. Today (Friday) Fritzi and…

2018-03-16 | Giampaolo Martufi

Will applied mathematics help Elhabib to elaborate an optimal shooting strategy?

To shoot, or not to shoot, that is the question. During the traditional wheelchair basketball game, clinical innovation fellows are…

2018-01-20 | Elhabib Moustaid

Simulation and Role Playing for Hospital Physical Environment Design

Patients falling in hospitals are a major problem in healthcare that usually goes unseen. Statistics show there are about 70,000…

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