2017-05-05 | John van Leer

Visit in Dublin

Hi! Last Sunday we took the early flight to Dublin as José mentioned . We arrived before lunch so we…

2017-04-28 | José Díaz

Quick Post: Back From Dublin!

This Monday some of the past editions’ Clinical Innovation Fellows (Katarina Hedbeck from TADA, Louise Warme from Lara Diagnostics and…

2017-04-23 | Désirée Lichtenstein


Just one week left. We are preparing for graduation by trying to finish as much of our work as possible…

2017-04-14 | José Díaz

Team Infection: Planning (Planting?) Ahead

As CIF gets closer to an end we need to plan ahead on how to proceed, especially since we will…

| Désirée Lichtenstein


What will happen in a year? In two? In five? These are the questions that have been crowding team O’s…

2017-04-06 | José Díaz

Team Infection: Last Reference Group Meeting

This week we had our last reference group meeting, where our master students presented to the Reference Group the current…

| Désirée Lichtenstein

Getting closer to the end…

We only have a few weeks left of the CIF-program. It is time to start and tie together are different…

2017-04-02 | José Díaz

Team Infection: Working with the Pros

We made it through our Business Mentor meeting, with very valuable feedback about our way forward and how can we…

2017-03-31 | John van Leer

Our last mentor meeting!

This week we had our last business mentor meeting. We presented our product pitch, showed them our business plan and…

2017-03-23 | José Díaz

Team Infection: Back to the Clinic

As we advanced last week, we need to gather more learnings about how can we influence patients’ behavior and how…

2019-09-26 | Marcus Bilgec

Concerning Urinary Catheters.

TEAM GOTHENBURG A lot has happened since clinical immersion at Alingsås hospital and Lerum commune.  One of our identified needs&helli

2019-08-29 | Amina Kadribasic

Researching death: The journey of a human-centered service designer

As part of RISE’s Clinical Innovation Fellowship, my team members and I were tasked to research the journey(s) of palliative…

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