Team Internal Medicine: Ready, set, go …

The Clinical Innovation Fellowship team ‘Internal Medicine’ is undergoing its third week at the Hospital of Norrtälje. At the end of the first week, the team had a grasp of the information needed to go through 6 weeks of observation and pave the ground for the next months of work. [You can follow this work by tuning in every week into the []].

But hold on! You are probably reading this because it was in your news feed, maybe because you are in MedTech community, heard about CIF somewhere or from someone, or maybe because you know Anton, Elhabib, Semra or Matt. To remove all confusion, let us explain once and for all, in the simplest terms (and a lot of acronyms) what is CIF. CIF (Clinical Innovation Fellowships) is a program that is supported by European Institute of Innovation Technology, Health (EIT Health). The program is jointly managed by KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) and KI (Karolinska Institute) combines different disciplines (Business, Design, Engineering and Medicine) to innovate in healthcare. The program consists each year of multidisciplinary teams. Business, Design, Engineering and Medicine work hand in hand, following the bio-design process to innovate in healthcare.

The team medicine is one of two teams this year. Business is represented by Matthew Kendall, Design by Semra Sahin, Engineering by Elhabib Moustaid, and Medicine by Anton Jarnheimer. The team will follow the Bio-Design process in order to new solution to healthcare problems. The program consists of many outcomes, of which one will be pinpointing and solving some of the clinical needs of the base clinic in Norrtälje (Tio100 hospital). The clinic in question is the fourth department (Avdelning 4) of the hospital. Focus will be on internal medicine.

Elhabib, Anton, Semra and Matt

Prior the start at the hospital, we went through a bootcamp in the beautiful view of the archipelago at Lovik Hotel. During the week we were introduced to the biodesign process and heard from amazing experiences of previous teams who have found their way into innovation through the program. The bootcamp also let this year’s fellows get to know each other and spend some quality time together.

After learning about the hospital management and operations as well as daily routines, the team has successfully started observing at the hospitals, following doctors, nurses, assisting nurses and listening to (as well as being part of) staff meetings monthly reports meetings.

The observation phase will lead us to construct needs that the hospital has, from which 20 most prioritized will be presented to the hospital leadership, the fellows will supervise the solving of 3 of these needs. The fellows will also be working starting from january to built a start-up from one of the needs, providing a solution prototype with a valid business plan.

It will be an amazing journey, we would love to share it with you, you can follow us on [channel]. For questions or information, we will be happy to hear from you at []

Elhabib Moustaid/ CIF 2018, Team Internal Medicine  

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