It is the (S)elections month!

400 observations, 200 needs and 90 commercial needs was the outcome of the observation phase. We are now at the second phase going through the need selection that will result in the choice of the one and only need that we will continue with for the rest of this process.

Going through needs

This November, busy is definitely the word. Team medicine has just gone through three crazy weeks. The meeting with our business mentors at the beginning of November was valuable. Their feedback on the 10 commercial needs that we presented lead us to area to investigate further.  General aspects we should look at both to reformulate our needs and do research on them.

Semra making an argument as we discuss needs

During the last two weeks, more thorough research followed as the team went in-depth into 12 commercial needs. The research intended to find gaps in the market, to perform stakeholder analysis and to understand the cycle of care related to each need.

By December 6th we will be down to 4 needs as we meet our mentors again. We will decide upon that the need that we will focus on for the rest of the program while we keep two back-up needs.

On the clinical side, we are focusing on three major areas that will bring a great impact to the clinic. Three master thesis projects are been promoted now (See details here). A first wave of interviews was done during the last two weeks and the applications are closing soon.

Stay tuned if you want to hear more from us as we head to the some of the busiest weeks in the program.

Elhabib Moustaid
Team Medicine

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