All set to start medical innovation in 2018!

It is the holidays season. The time of the year when everyone is hopeful and looking ahead with new resolutions and goals. The last month of 2017 was a tale of work for team medicine. The last week helped us pave the ground for an upcoming six months of excitement and innovation.

Matt, Semra and Elhabib discussing final needs.

At the beginning of the month, the team has decided on four medical needs to present to our very experienced mentors in areas of business, engineering and medicine. This allowed us to have a very good feedback and gave us areas to focus on before choice of the final need on which we want to build a business. This was followed by 10 days of speedy research and ideation workshops in order to understand the kind of solutions we could provide to each of the commercial medical needs we found. That helped us decide on the final need we will work on in 2018 and details will be dismissed when possible.

We also went through some interviews for master thesis work, we recruited a total of six students that will work on three projects optimising areas related to rounds, food and space in the tio100 hospital. Their work will be mainly innovating new ways to deal with those issues. The three projects are challenging but we believe we have found the right people to do an amazing work to solve them in efficient ways.

December has been a month where we really build a ground for the work we will do the upcoming months. Team Medicine new year resolutions are beyond clear: innovation and solutions for healthcare systems!

As for you, we hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays and of course, we wish you a happy new year!

Anton, Habib, Matt, Semra.

Team Medicine


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