Team Obstetrics: Selecting needs

It’s been a hectic week for team Obstetrics. We have had two processes going on at the same time; having our first business mentor meeting and preparing for our second, most important, reference group meeting.

A big help on the way was the EIT-health meeting that John and Fritzi participated in in Barcelona. They came home with lots of advice that has already helped us, but also made our work more creative and fun, with the props that we have incorporated in our work [to learn more see our last blog post]. Even though it has been a tough week with several deadlines we have handled it well and the collaboration in the group has gone great. Everyone has worked hard, shared ideas and been supportive of each other.

The biggest challenge this week has been going down from a big amount of local needs for the clinic, to the ten that we are going to present on our reference group meeting. It has been difficult and we had to kill several darlings and also take a few steps back to see the whole picture. It has also been very educational to truly try and focus on needs and not solutions (so that we in the end solve what really is the issue).  

It was also a lot of fun to meet our business mentors! They had a lot of useful input that we will take with us to the next phase.

We have also continued with our “Friday Fun” – activities. It is a way to make sure that the collaboration in the group continues being good and that we have fun with each other. This time we did “action painting” which had a great side effect of making our (new) room more colorful.

Action painting for "Friday Fun"

Action painting for “Friday Fun”

The upcoming week we will be preparing even more for the reference group meeting and challenge the needs that we have.

//Désirée (doctor) for team Obstetrics

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