Team Infection: Meeting Preparation

In the same way it has been a hectic week for Team O, it has been boisterous for us, Team Infection. We are full throttle towards our second Reference Group Meeting and our first Business Group Meeting.

In this Reference Group Meeting, we will meet for choosing which 3 needs, out of the almost 300 we have already gathered, will transform into Master’s Thesis projects. So as you can imagine, it is a BIG deal for us.

As we had to narrow down from our 300 needs to 10, as we would not like to bore to death our Reference Group with all the process, we have had a long week full of need-ranking, discussion and reformulations.

When we finally narrowed it down to 30, we met our mentors at the Infectious Diseases clinic to help us find what they thought most relevant to the department. We also rehearsed possible ranking/voting methods that we will use next Monday, to choose the Master’s Thesis projects.


Christoffer handling the situation with our mentors at the Infectious Diseases clinic. As always we brought kanelbulle and coffee, rule nº1 for a successful meeting.

We are also preparing for our first Business Mentor Meeting, next Tuesday, in which we will meet our Business Mentors and show them some of the needs we judge as relevant to approach in a potential business setting. Inefficiencies, waste, things that have not changed in the last 15 years, workarounds… those are always good ol’ redflags that indicate that there is a need to be covered in that field.

(You can always reach us by sending an e-mail to:

José (Team Infection)

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