Barcelona: An Insight

Just as John and Fritzi represented the Obstetrics Team, Julien and me were the Infectious Team ambassadors in our joint trip to Barcelona, as we were invited by the d-Health Barcelona organization, being all of us “siblings”, as part of the EIT Fellowships.


Barcelona from the old bullring, now a commercial center

First, congratulations to the Fellows at the d-Health Barcelona, as we were kindly invited to their graduation at October 19th. We enjoyed projects from previous editions’ Fellows (MowooT, Meelk, Qup), as well as we were presented with the ideas that current Fellows will work on.

We made good use of the graduation invitation, as we were able to mingle with the Spanish Fellows, the Irish fellows (from Bioinnovate Ireland) and members of the EIT Fellowships program. It is very interesting to compare how different, yet how similar, our different programmes are, and what can we learn from each other.

In his last post, John has very well detailed some good ideas we have got from the Fellows at the joint workshop we had the next day, October 20th. We all shared experiences, procedures and methods. I was particularly interested in how the Barcelona Fellows, which had just finished their program, were going to jump to the “Start-Up phase” with their incredible ideas, and how they managed to tackle different issues, such as: CE Markings, team/startup contracts, team conflicts, time management and clinical experiences. We certainly had a huge amount of questions, which they all kindly addressed.


Workshop with the Fellows

If I have to choose an insight, it is related to our need-based approach. As our readers know, the Clinical Innovation Fellowships, being part of the EIT Innovation Fellowships, are need-oriented, which means that we explore FIRST the need, and then work towards the (possible) solution. So quoting Paul Anglim, Programme Manager of BioInnovate Ireland: GET GOOD NEEDS, REALLY GOOD, STRONG, VALIDATED NEEDS

And from the Spanish Fellows: Trust your GUT

And of course, we managed to get some time for traveling around… Barcelona has a lot to offer, and I was felling a bit homesick since the moment I found out that you don’t find Patatas Bravas so easily here in Sweden


Patatas Bravas. Just watching this photo is making me homesick again.

Our warmest regards to our fellow Fellows from Barcelona and Galway as well as all the key persons who make the EIT Fellowships possible!

(You can always reach us by sending an e-mail to:

José (Team Infection)

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