Team Infection: The One Need

Finally we have reached our objective for this week: we have decided which need we are going to work with.


Value Proposition Canvas on one of the needs, one of the multiple tools that helped us discard possible candidates

Now we are going to work deeply with this need, iterating in function of how the on-going process reveals new information, as part of the Biodesign process. Our first step is to define the assumptions we have made about our need, and rank them by importance and priority. There are (allegedly) a big number of unknown unknowns.

Ranked this assumptions, it is important to understand which ones we can actually tackle in a timely way, as Christmas will be a difficult time for interviews and in-field probing.

We are also drafting what will become our Clinical Report, which will be delivered to the Infectious Diseases Clinic, with suggestions and assessments for the betterment of the Clinic.

As part of the Clinical Innovation Fellowships we are as well compiling a list of 20 commercial needs that will be added to the Fellowship’s Need Database, which will help future fellows if they ever need to dig into something we stumbled upon before.

Last but not least, we had the privilege to get some time from one of the Clinical Innovation Fellowships success stories, Pilloxa. We visited their office and had a very enjoyable afterwork, where we learned about some of the challenges we will have to tackle in the near future, if we pursue the testing life of the start-up creator. Thank you Per & Francesco!

(You can always reach us by sending an e-mail to:

José (Team Infection)

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