Team Infection: Closer

So we did it! We went through our 2nd Business Mentor Meeting (along with Team O) with our four needs and had the feedback from our mentors, treating the strengths and weaknesses of each need, asking the why’s? and analyzing their potential.

There is still a lot of work to do with these four needs, as our goal now is to narrow them down to one. We have set to ourselves a deadline for having a clear defined need to work with, as we believe that setting that goal will encourage us to not to linger too much out of FOMO (fear of missing out… a possible good need).


Memories from our second Business Mentor Meeting

It is part of the Biodesign process to iterate the needs in function of how the on-going process reveals new information, perspectives and showstoppers. It is still early to fall in love for one need, so we have to keep an analytical approach and fresh eyes as long as we can (without forgetting the important part that plays the gut feeling!)

As a celebration for achieving this ‘down to four needs’ goal we met Clinical Innovation Fellows which went through previous editions of CIF. We had very interesting discussions and it was a great pleasure for us to meet them as well. We’re looking forward to the next meeting!

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José (Team Infection)

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