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The past week we finally started with brainstorming, an activity all of us had been looking forward to for weeks. We decided to do brainstorming on all of our four top needs before we decide which one we will move further forward with. And so we sat together for hours and filled the walls of our meeting room with magic whiteboards full of post-its, sketches and crazy ideas.

In parallel we were also preparing for in-depth interviews with patients and experts from healthcare to learn even more about our four needs and get some additional inspiration.

Maria as moderator for our first brainstorming session

Maria was the moderator for our first brainstorming session

Brainstorming with Maria

Brainstorming with Maria

At the beginning of the week we had a visitor – Maria from d·Health, the Biodesign Fellowship Program in Barcelona, joined us for two days to get in touch with healthcare in Sweden and to see how breastfeeding mothers are supported at a Swedish hospital. She also helped us to kick-off the brainstorming by introducing some methods she had learned during her time in the fellowship program. Many thanks to Maria for leading a wonderful brainstorming session!

Towards the end of the week we used another opportunity to learn from the experience of an earlier fellowship team. We visited Pilloxa, a startup founded by fellows of the program from 2014/2015 and bribed them with cake and beers into sharing there learnings from surviving as a start-up within healthcare with us. Many different topics, such as team development, financing, work organization and the specific challenges for start-ups within healthcare were discussed. I won’t reveal any of the many tips we got here – if you want them to share some of their advice with you, you will have to try to convince them yourselves.

It is only one week left before Christmas but we are prepared to use it to its max for brainstorming and interviews.
Fritzi // Team Obstetrics

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