4 Needs!


We have now gone down to 4 needs! Three weeks ago we started with 200 commercial needs then by gut feeling we went from 200 to 100 need. From 100 to 50 needs we cluster needs that were similar. From 50 to 18 needs we made speed validations on all the needs giving them scores. From 18 to 4 we were a bit scared it would be hard and a lot of arguing. We took all 18 needs and had a deep discussion about all needs and gave them some scores until we had our 4 favorite needs.  It was actually very smooth and everyone seemed to be satisfied!

This Wednesday we met with our mentors and pitched our 4 needs. They seemed to like our needs and we got a lot of good feedback. It was a lot fun to also hear the other groups presentation. To celebrate going for 4 needs we went to a bar called “Häktet” and meet up with the other team and old fellows from CIF. It was super fun to meet old fellows and they gave us many advice which I think will be very helpful. After some drinks we were able to hear some nice gossip from previous years.

Our group is getting really excited to finally be a loud to start thinking of ideas. All ideation were band until today! Since I´m the designer in the team I have prepared a brief presentation about some tips on how to  go from a problem to a solution.

John – Team Obsterics

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