Finally four clinical needs to move forward with!

Another hectic week for Team O!

We have now had our second reference group meeting – “decision of the clinical needs”. Four hours to go from ten needs to four! It was an exciting meeting, talking to the doctors and midwifes getting their input. It was an interesting discussion, with each person adding to it by giving their personal insight to the problems and needs.

The four needs that we will be moving forward with are:

  1. Optimizing the usage of the operation unit
  2. Improving the DRG-coding at the clinic
  3. Minimizing the information gap between health personnel and patients
  4. Decrease environmental impact at the hospital by creating good storage solutions 

    Team O - happy after a succesfull reference group meeting.

    Team O – happy after a succesfull reference group meeting.

We are now in the stage of finding master thesis students to take on these projects, the end of the week was spent sending out ads to get students interested in joining us in the improvement work. If you want to read more about our projects visit:

We are also moving forward with our commercial needs, spending most of thursday deep diving into the different needs and looking into gaps in our need formulations. Speed validation is getting easier!

"It's been a hard days work" - our commercial needs being sorted into groups.

“It’s been a hard days work” – our commercial needs being sorted into groups.

Every hard work needs a celebration (kudos to Gustav, the team psychologist, for reminding us of this) – which is why we set a date for celebrating the work and preparation for reference group meeting 2 – “decision of the clinical needs”. We celebrated by having a dinner together and playing guitar hero. Some (john) were better at it than others.

//Désirée for Team Obstetrics

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