Team Infection: Seek & Destroy

Just as the title says, it is time for us to bring the number of selected needs down. A lot.

From our almost 300 hundred needs we have maimed them to mere eight. The only way to achieve this Thermopylaic scenario was making use of different tools that would help us select the best needs in the shortest period of time.

For that, we first went through all of them, one by one, selecting those that fitted in different predefined criteria. After this first selection, we decreased the number down to almost fifty.

The next step was to cluster each of these needs into the right set. Clustering consists in grouping each need in such a way that the needs that are located in each group (or cluster) are more similar to each other than to those located in other clusters. This way we were able to have an overview of how needs are distributed, and which clusters we think are more interesting for a commercial development.


The art of clustering

Having the right clusters and bearing into mind speed validations and different parameters we achieved to finally narrow it down to eight (our beloved hateful eight). These are the needs in which we will work through, at least until the next (self-imposed) deadline, November 24th. Here, after working each of us in two different ones, we will do some more need filtering and narrow it down to four.


As you can see, it also works for individual needs: how observations fit to different clusters in a need definition?

These four needs will (finally) be the ones that we will present at the Second Business Mentor Meeting, where we will expose what are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, desirability, feasibility and viability of each need. The group will aid us in our quest for the NEED, the one that we will work with, being a commercial development our goal.

(And is always good to have 3 more aces in your sleeve just in case that one NEED turns to be a ‘gold shield’: something that looks appealing, but not good for what it is intended).

(You can always reach us by sending an e-mail to:

José (Team Infection)

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