Team Infection: Underwater Meeting

As we advanced in our quick post, we had our second Reference Group Meeting: a second encounter with the group of healthcare professionals that evaluated the 10 needs that we had especially selected. These needs, after a long process of formulation, filtering and development, gave birth to the 4 needs that will turn into Master’s Thesis proposals for students to cover, generating a positive outcome to the healthcare system as well.

Without giving out too much, these are related to current challenges that the Infectious Diseases Department faces, from data entry to keeping top-notch staff , from tackling the department’s growth to facing the effects of physical and psychological isolation.


Peter handling the situation at our second Reference Group Meeting

We also had our first Business Mentor Meeting, where we met some of our business mentors and exposed them some of the needs that we think that have business potential. From market size to stakeholder situations, we all went through these selected needs in order to explore them as candidates for working towards solving them, with a business perspective.

After this terribly hectic pair of weeks, we took a little break at Centralbadet, where we took a swim and discussed about our immediate and long term future and prospects. One of the many things we agreed upon, as a team, is to take some more of these breaks, as we must not forget that we have to celebrate from time to time.


What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold!

After a lecture from TLV, the Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency, about reimbursement and added values on medical technologies, we prospected possible places for our future office and workshop, side by side with Team O. It would be wonderful if we both teams could share a workplace one again, as we hope we inspire them as much as they inspire us.


Quality Adjusted Life Expectancy or QALY’s: a way to determine the impact of a treatment in quality of life as well as life expectancy

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