Meeting the Barcelona CIF teams, Friday



On last Friday our Swedish team went to meet the three Barcelona teams in Barcelona to ask them questions since they just graduated the CIF-program. They gave us a lot of interesting recommendations.

Since I´m very interested in product development and innovation these were the most interesting things they told us:

*Have a hat to give a person if he/ she was being too negative during a group discussion.

*Give a person that interrupts others a chicken or just say the word chicken.

*During brainstorming you could first say everyone needs to stay positive and wear positive props. ( like party hats. ) After the positive session you could decide the whole group should be “negative” wearing angry hats trying to find why this ideas won’t work.

So coming back from Barcelona this week we were super inspired and directly went to the store and bought:
1. A soft pig to throw at the person being negative.

2. A hat with some black on it for when the group should be critical.

3. A Hawaii flower bracelet to give to one when he/she did something positive

4. An “walking” balloon in the shape of a panda ? that you could get if you are positive.



We have now worked with picking out 40 local needs and 10 commercial ones and using these tricks and it worked super good. I think it could have been one of my most effective idé validation meeting ever, thanks to the props and advice we got in Barcelona! 

One advice we also got and are using is to ask our self:
“does this really mater in 1 month?” To not have long arguments over too small topics.

During the Saturday in Barcelona we had some time of before going to the airport in the evening so we walked around and visit the “Sagrada Familia” and much more. It was a very fun trip!





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