2017-12-28 | Elhabib Moustaid

All set to start medical innovation in 2018!

It is the holidays season. The time of the year when everyone is hopeful and looking ahead with new resolutions…

2017-11-23 | Elhabib Moustaid

It is the (S)elections month!

400 observations, 200 needs and 90 commercial needs was the outcome of the observation phase. We are now at the…

2017-11-12 | Jenny Roessler

Barcelona Fellows Graduation and Shared Take-away Lessons. A Joint Team Update.

Three of us from CIF (Clinical Innovation Fellowship): Anton and Semra from Team Medicine, and Jenny from Team Rehab, had…

2017-11-08 | Giampaolo Martufi

Students: Do you want to help us innovate healthcare?

Application Deadline Extended to December 15, 2017 Team Rehab, after spending  the last six weeks  observing and interacting with healthcare professionals and…

2017-11-03 | Elhabib Moustaid

Letar du efter examensarbete inom industriell ekonomi, logistik, management, eller optimering? Titta här!

Är du intresserad av att jobba med verkliga problem som både har stor betydelse och effekt? Vill du tillämpa dina kunskaper…

2017-10-27 | Elhabib Moustaid

Can the game Telephone teach us something about healthcare?

Have you ever played the game where players form a queue, and the first person on the queue whispers a…

2017-10-19 | Giampaolo Martufi

Why had Romans been stomping around and terrorizing electric fish on the beach?

The personal physician to Roman Emperor Claudius documented something I find weirdly funny: standing on a live electric rays fish at…

2017-10-08 | Giampaolo Martufi

Long lasting pain: Challenge accepted!

Once upon a time there were a Lithuanian businesswoman, Akvile, an Italian engineer, Giampaolo, a Canadian/Swedish medical doctor, Jenny, and…

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