The Cutting Room Floor!

A taste of the movie industry, we are surrounded by ideas on the cutting room floor! Some were easy to throw out, others required more heated debates of what the market analysis showed or if it would be a fun project to work with long term.

Only a few have survived the cut and made it to the next level to either help the clinic specifically or to be turned into potential businesses for us.

Our applications for the master’s thesis projects for the clinic have been met with a steady flow of very interesting and motivated students interviewing for the few spots, a luxurious problem to have. By next week we will have our teams assembled ready to go for January!

Happily, a few of the great ideas which were thrown begrudgingly on the floor were picked up again to present to a group of students from the Unit for Bioentrepreneurship’s “Product Development in the Biomedical Industry” course. I had a great time today with Caroline from the Team with a Heart and Per from Team Plastic, as we each presented 3 needs we have identified at our clinics to the students. They had lots of questions and we look forward to seeing which topics they will pick to work with for their course. Perhaps they can breathe a fresh new prospective into our ideas and develop new medtech solutions to help patients!

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