Team Obstetrics: We Want To See It All!

As I write this, five weeks of work in the clinic lie behind us, which means that we have only one more week of observation ahead of us. We have discussed and noted down more than 700 observations by now; and need after need gets added to our list.

img_20161012_102508414The surgeon console of the robot surgery system.

Realizing that the observation phase will soon be over, this week was characterized by the (doomed to fail, given the size of Danderyd’s Kvinnokliniken) attempt to observe all the things that we hadn’t seen so far. Désirée took a closer look at the pre- and aftercare, doing observations at the “Mödravårdscentralen” (prenatal care center) and at “Hotell BB”. Probably the “baby-richest” week of all of us had John, who observed planned C-sections for an entire day, as well as two vaginal deliveries and one emergency C-section during his day at the delivery ward. In contrast, I focused more on the engineering site of healthcare and spend some time following the clinical engineers around. Furthermore, I observed robotic laparoscopic surgeries (as I am an engineer I had to see this!). One of Carina’s highlights of the week was to finally see a fetal scalp blood test during a delivery.

img_20161013_144302076Testing of an ultrasound probe on a phantom.

Today, like every Friday afternoon, we sat together and translated our observations into needs. Then we concluded the week by “Friday Fun”; this time Carina had prepared a music quiz and Désirée beat us all.


Fritzi // Team Obstetrics


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