Team Infection: Meetings, Mingles and Moonshine Shadowing

Third week of in-field clinical observations for Team Infection, with a week full of expected and unexpected meetings, different shifts and mingles!

We started the week with our first psychology group session with Gustav, talking about conflict resolution and common purpose. As our history as a team is short, but our future seems to be long and prosper, it is important that we have the best tools and resources to tackle all the obstacles we might find.


You will find Gustav at

As we have a lot of observations from the past two weeks, we needed to make some team quality time to sit and work together, formulating possible needs that these observations may discover.

Peter & Christoffer, as well as shadowing the Infectious Diseases’ staff at their regular work, have been at the SLL Innovationsfondens day at Monday, as well as at Inspirationsmingel på Innovationsplatsen at Friday.


Christoffer and Peter at SLL Innovationsfondens dag

Julien & José on the other hand have tried new approaches to the staff shadowing, following nurses and assistant nurses in evening (13.00 to 21.00) and night (21.00 to 07.00) shifts.


5:30 A.M. mandatory selfie at Ward 4, Infectious Diseases Department

Last but not least, after almost a month at the hospital, Team Infection also decided to host a breakfast for the staff, a tradition that rotates at this clinic every week.

(You can always reach us by sending an e-mail to:

José (Team Infection)

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