All these emotions

We, Team O, are now close to finishing our observation phase at the hospital.

It has been a true privilege to observe the Women´s Clinic. All team members have received the honor to witness the beginning of an entirely new person’s life.

The patients have shared their most important moments in life with us. We have witnessed the relief and overwhelming joy of the parents when they get to hold their baby for first time, and it has been practically impossible for some of us to hold back the tears.

However, even though the vast majority of all childbirths receive a happy ending, the road from pregnancy to delivery is still paved with potential complications.  This means that we also have witnessed some of the most troublesome moments in the patients’ lives. We have learnt about shattered dreams and painstaking worry.

In short it has been a whirlwind of emotions being placed at the Women’s clinic. Amidst all the emotions we have also become familiar with anatomy, pathology, equipment, processes and sub optimal IT-systems.

Last but certainly not least we have observed the relentless efforts of the staff. They work on tough schedules and in stressful situations.  But their work for continuous improvements and skill practice is admirable, and something that many industries could learn from.


Doctor’s skill training to deliver breech birth (when the baby is born bottom first)

We will now move into the second phase of the program and start sifting through the many observations we have made during our time at the clinic. We have however decided to keep our base at Danderyd’s Hospital, to be able to go back and validate and deepen our observations at a later stage.

That´s all for now from Team O. /Carina (business manager)



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