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This is the first blog post from Team Obstetrics.

The past two weeks of introduction has passed quickly, although it feels like a lifetime ago since we first met at the boot camp.

The Clinical Innovation Fellowships 16-17 was kicked off with a week of boot camp sessions at Högberga Gård. During this week the fellow candidates became acquainted with one another through group exercises and learned more about the theory of Need Based Innovation. The team constellations and allocation of clinics was decided during this intensive but fun week.

The following week we, Team Obstetrics, were given an introduction to the Women’s Clinic at Danderyd University Hospital. We met with the heads of the departments, the hospital management and supporting functions like the controller and the administration. We were also given tours of the different departments to understand the settings and some of the equipment used.

We learned that Women’s Clinic is a large clinic, with more than 500 employees and 10+ departments. Given our limited time frame of 6 weeks of observations our first challenge was to limit the scope of our observations. Therefor we decided to initially focus our observations to the Obstetrics division.

One of the most interesting aspects of Obstetrics is its versatility of care. It hosts in-patient care, out-patient care, surgery and acute care. The patient population is large and the need for efficiency and innovation is high.

So it is with high hopes and a great deal of anticipation we now start the observation phase of Clinical Innovation Fellowships 2016-2017.kopia-av-kopia-av-teamoop1

Team Obstetrics: Carina (Business), Désirée (Medical Doctor), Fritzi (Engineer), John (Designer)


/Carina (Business Manager)

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