Team Infection: Last Reference Group Meeting

This week we had our last reference group meeting, where our master students presented to the Reference Group the current status of their projects and what would be the best way forward.

We’ve talked before about these thesis, but to summarize the four different subjects are:

  • Facing the challenges of staff attraction and retention
  • Tackling the access to medical information, in the context of patient rooms
  • Approaching patients’ psychological isolation with a service design approach
  • Operation Management in the transition to the new wards, as the infectious diseases department is currently growing

They got feedback from the department about how would these impact the ward, what resources to use from now own and personal perceptions and advice. We are very grateful for their time and for getting so involved with our students.

We also had a meeting with Gustav, our psychological support, in his office at Knackeriet, a beautiful co-working space we wished we worked at:

Julien at the Bellman room (Bellman the Swedish poet)

Soon we will be finishing CIF so we addressed with Gustav how to move forward as a team, and how to support each other when motivation goes South (South as vanish, not as to Skåne or Denmark).

(You can always reach us at:

José (Team Infection)

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