Building a plan for the future

The week started with a test run for our pitch at Sting Test Drive. We presented our pitch in front of some of the other teams and got lots and lots of valuable feedback. This feedback we used to improve our pitch during this week in order to be ready for the final pitch competition on Monday.

The NABC model that we are using for our 4 minutes pitch.

Parallely, we have also been working on finalizing our business canvas and on our business plan. This means that we have been locking ourselves into one of the small group rooms at Flemingsberg and had long discussion on the whats and hows of our future business. It is great to also have the other team around for formal and informal discussions in the office or at lunch. This week for example we were discussion each other’s business plans.

There has of course also been some time to work individually which each team member spend with what they are good at. John filled his sketchbook and computer with many ideas and sketches and his desk with prototyping material. Désirée was at the hospital to organize a workshop with a group of midwives as well as a test of one of our minimal viable prototypes (MVP). Carina worked a lot with the pitch and the business plan, and I worked with prototyping, IP and our R&D strategy.

One highlight of the week was a very inspirational seminar with Bertil Guve on entrepreneurship and funding in medtech.

Slowly but steady we are building a plan on how to to take our idea further after the fellowship ends (in less than 2 month!).

Fritzi / Team Obstetrics

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