Team Infection: Reference Group Meeting

Second week of clinical observations for Team Infection at the Infectious Diseases Department at Danderyds Sjukhus… and we are just as excited as the first week (if not more!).

This week we have all switched from our last week’s shadowing roles. Peter and Christoffer followed senior and junior doctors, as well as consulting doctor services (in places such as the Emergency Department and Orthopedics).

Meanwhile, Julien and José followed nurses and assistant nurses, as the other two team members did last week. We expect that this switching methodology, even though it can bring a larger number of duplicate observations, will also give each team member the opportunity to, at least, glance the work development of the all the professionals involved.

It is also very important to have different team members witness similar scenarios, as each professional and personal background will give as result different type of observations.

As we advanced last week in our quick post, we had our first Reference Group Meeting: a first encounter with the group of healthcare professionals that will evaluate needs that we have specially selected. These needs, after a long process of formulation, filtering and development, will transform into Master Thesis proposals for students to cover, generating a positive outcome to the healthcare system as well.


At the Reference Group Meeting

The Reference Group is composed by people of different professional profiles, such as human resources, administration, assistant nurses, nurses and doctors. As we wanted to present our ideas as best as possible, we tried to make the meeting as interactive (and entertaining) as we could, as their opinion and time is very valuable to us.

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José (Team Infection)

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