Team Infection: Planning (Planting?) Ahead

As CIF gets closer to an end we need to plan ahead on how to proceed, especially since we will have to manage our resources as optimally as possible, since they are going to be scarce.

Something very similar between Spain and Sweden is how there is a month each year where conducting business and initiatives can be very slow and difficult, as both countries really DO enjoy summertime. Taking that into account, things can get very difficult during summer, so we have to plant a lot of seeds now, and even sow some early crops before!

Timing, timing, timing!

Unfortunately, some of these seeds didn’t and/or will not germinate, despite our efforts. But any good gardener knows this: you’ve got to keep your crops nurtured, separated and rotational. While some ideas and initiatives might not work out as we planned, others may surpass our expectations!

And of course, while you wait for everything to be ready, you will probably have to make use of that sweet jam you saved months prior… worst case scenario, we might be doing some consulting.

But not farming consulting, please do not take any farming advice from this post.

Happy Easter!

(You can always reach us at:

José (Team Infection)

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