Team Infection: Down To Four

Good news everyone! Now Team Infection is officially down to four needs in our commercial oriented ones.

This means that we will able to focus our efforts on these in order to find the chosen one, the need that we will work to solve. Someone said in Barcelona “for the rest of our lives”. Could be. We hope it doesn’t take that long!

We’ve had a very occupied week, working on these needs as well as having different meetings with some of the entities that will help us to successfully develop a commercial solution, and a business model that homes it.

On Monday we met KTH Innovation, which supports the commercialization of ideas and research results from entities and individuals related to KTH. Mainly (but not only) focused on commercialization of new technology and the early stages of the development and verification of an idea, KTH Innovation can be really a big support for us.

We also visited STING, at Kista, incubator and accelerator of ideas and start-ups. From qualified coaching in business development, a business angel network, a venture capital fund and business contacts and experts, STING is another big player in our journey. We are applying and hoping to be selected for STING Test Drive in Health, where we would be able to work on our business model, based on Business Model Canvas.

Tuesday and Friday we visited RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) and SICS Swedish ICT. Both identified as a network of research and technology organisations (RTOs), wholly or partly owned by the Swedish state, gave us fresh ideas about the state of art of the health market, trends and technology.


At SICS Swedish ICT, discussing about challenges and pilot projects

It is worth mentioning that we are also juggling with our schedule to be able to interview students. They will be carrying out the Master’s Thesis we are going to be orchestrating for the betterment of the Infectious Diseases Clinic at Danderyds Sjukhus.

That and working towards our second Business Mentor Meeting, which will take place next Wednesday! Keep tuned for more good news next week!

(You can always reach us by sending an e-mail to:

José (Team Infection)

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