“Knivstart” Observing the C-section operation




This week we walked around together with the staff in different departments, observing everything. I was a bit nervous, since for the first day, I was supposed to join the C-section department. I was told to eat a lot of breakfast before operation so I would not pass out (next to the patient). I brought a can of tuna fish, some sandwiches and milk and ate it all in the parking lot outside the hospital at 6:35 am. After that I ran in, put on the blue scrub and 7.00 I entered the c-section department as promised.

I first watched parts (non bloody side) of two operations through a small window. Finally I was told that I could stand in the room behind the surgeon observing every move. At this moment it was 6 hours since I had my fancy breakfast in the parking lot….
… in the end of this operation I was told I was a bit pale in the face and had to sit on a chair. But hey I didn´t pass out.

Now in the end of the week I have watched two more C-section operation, it´s quiet amazing to see the baby being pulled out of the stomach. Everyone in the operation team is relieved and smiles towards each other as soon as we can hear the baby scream for the first time.


John // Product developer and designer.


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