Introducing Team Gothenburg 2019

GOTHENBURG – Today marks the first week of clinical immersion for the Gothenburg team.

Who are we?

Meet Team Palliative.

From left to right: Amina, Igors, Adnan and Marcus.

We might not have the most impressive team name you’ve ever heard. Does it sound as cool as Gangster Squad, The Avengers or Fellowship of the Ring?Maybe not, but it’s more about the contents!

We are a team consisting of four people with four very different backgrounds and skillsets.     

Amina Kadribasic a human-centered Service Designer, who is passionate about design-driven innovation in healthcare. She pursues the life of a multi-disciplinary collaborator, practicing teaching, design thinking, conflict mitigation and business design.    

Igors Berkovics is an Entrepreneur with a background in medical devices and digital health. He has several innovation programs in his backpack, and has until now been busy running his own startup.        

Adnan Albuhtori is a Medical Doctor with an entrepreneurial mindset and enthusiasm for innovation in healthcare. He started his residency in Anasthesiology in his home country. Years later he left, pursuing a new life in Sweden. At the side of getting a Swedish medical license, he worked on improving his business-oriented skills in digital healthcare through hackathons, courses, events and working in startups.   

And me, Marcus Bilgec, is a Registered Nurse and Mechatronics Engineer with a passion for product development. I have experience working in a hospital and caring for patients with neurodegenerative diseases and stroke. For the last two years, I have worked as a Mechanical Developer at Cellink, a start-up that develops products for 3D bioprinting.

The mission

Our mission is to develop a product during these eight months that can make it to the healthcare market. We have worked together for three weeks so far, preparing for the steps in the bio-design process. Last week, we started our clinical immersion at Alingsås hospital and Lerum municipality, researching needs of various stakeholders.    

What does palliative mean? Palliative care is medical care of people with terminal illness. Not only does the palliative patient face physical health problems like anxiety & panic, nausea, breathlessness, confusion; furthermore, they face many psychological health issues like fear, anxiety, sadness and depression.     

Something that might be missed by the healthcare are the social challenges the palliative patient is going through, like the financial problems that the person’s family faces of losing income, managing complex relationships and the person having to say farewell to everyone. Besides all this, having a terminal illness often is connected to an existential crisis.    

To be continued. Stay tuned to see how it goes!   

Marcus Bilgec    

CIF, 2019

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