Team Infection: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Since last week it must seem that little has changed, but that would be very far from the truth.

Day by day, it’s getting harder not to find possible showstoppers, difficulties and technicalities. But we’re getting better at identifying these problems, faster at finding the tools, workarounds or resources for tackling these issues. Day by day, all of this makes us stronger, as a team, as soon to be fellows and as a future company.

With a lot of meetings next week and the distance between us and possible champions that might embrace our commercial idea draws closer, we are working to not only make a good impression, but also re-define our pathways to success.

Julien and Christoffer at the War(m) Room

This same week we’ve been also working in defining a business plan, which is at the same time a very good auto-evaluation tool. Nothing screams more for your attention than a big gap in a five years plan, making you think in what you’ve not thought before.

Sketches on a napkin: for when inspiration comes unannounced

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