Just one week left. We are preparing for graduation by trying to finish as much of our work as possible this upcoming week. In one week’s time we are graduating from the CIF program and will be standing on our own feet as fellows. Until then we need to tie together as much things as we possibly can. This week we have had a meeting with our clinical supervisor Sophia to discuss how to move forward with the improvement work at the clinic after we are no longer there. We are discussing with our students and helping them prepare for their final presentations. We are putting together the final work on our own business plan on how to move forward with it. We are applying for grants and looking for other funding.

Meanwhile engineering and designer work is moving forward. We are discussing phantom boobs and phantom babies to try our prototypes.

Phantom boob designed by John

Feedback session on the program earlier this week. Nice to think of all the things we’ve seen and learned and how far we’ve come since September last year. It has been really educational to learn the biodesign process and looking at needs and not solutions (at least to start with!) and also a lot of fun working in such an inspirational team.

One week left!

Désirée for Team obstetrics

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