Back on the floor

Recently we have spent a lot of time talking to experts within the field of breastfeeding. This has been fruitful in understanding the problem, and have caused us to do a pivot in our product strategy. Therefore we decided to make use of our access to the clinic and once again observe the problem in real time and in real life.

We wanted to confirm that the solution we are now developing is still solving an actual need, so Fritzi and I changed into scrubs and made our way back to the floor, where we once started. We observed the first few days of breastfeeding after delivery.

We were pleased to see that the problem we are working to solve is still very much alive and kicking. With this confirmation we felt that we could now focus all our efforts on creating the optimal solution. We went into ideation-mode and started brainstorming around what to measure, and how.

We are now working on several items simultaneously. We are working to create two prototypes, one minimal viable product and one business plan.

Needless to say, these are busy days, but it also the most interesting part of the program, where an actual solution is starting to form.


Carina – Business Manager, Team Obstetrics

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