Meet our alumni Fellows from 2017-2018

Team Medicine

Matthew Kendall 
Matt has been leading software development mobile applications for major technology companies such as Skype, Microsoft and Motorola. He hopes to use the program as an opportunity to collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team that will develop and release to market a product that improves the quality of healthcare.

Anton Jarnheimer  

Anton is currently on leave from his medical internship at the Karolinska University Hospital. During med school he was involved in global health research focusing on surgery, partly working on a project for The Lancet together with Harvard Medical School and Kings College London. In 2015 he founded an IT start-up, still working on improving digital infrastructures for communication with agencies and large companies. To him, the fellowships is the fascinating symbiosis between clinical medicine, innovation and entrepreneurship that he has been looking for.

Semra Sahin  

Semra is freelancing in design field and employed at Mid Sweden University as lecturer. Her master degree is in design for all which made her consider applying to Clinical Innovation Fellowships, CIF. CIF is attractive to Semra with opportunities to work on real cases in healthcare and take part in latest R&D in medicine. Even though adapting complex technical equipments and advanced healthcare system to users can be challenging, She hope she will be a part of a creative team that designs solutions that are preferable compared to existing ones.

Elhabib Moustaid  

Elhabib is an engineer in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, with a MSc in Engineering from Grenoble Institute of Technology as well as Royal Institute of Technology, KTH. He is doing a PhD in healthcare Informatics and Logistics. He has always been passionate about innovation and bringing technical solutions to respond to societal needs. Elhabib wishes to see his time at the Clinical Innovation Fellowship program result in sustainable and valuable products and services that both solve real needs within the healthcare sector and build the ground for a sustainable business.

Team Rehab

Akvile Zalatoryte  

Akvile holds a MSc degree in Management from Stockholm University and is an experienced Innovation, Project and Process Manager. She has worked for start-ups, business incubators, governmental organizations and multinational companies in the Baltics, the Nordics and the US, and has experience within consumer goods, education and hospitality sectors. Akvilės primary interest lies in leading cross-functional teams and in driving improvement projects with a real and long-lasting impact, and the healthcare sector is where she is strongly willing to contribute to, both locally and globally.

Raoul Jansen  https://www.linkedin.com/in/raoul-jansen-1a648640/

Raoul is a product design engineer who has been working on a large variety of projects at a design agency in Rotterdam and on the development of prosthetics for the Mentelity Foundation. A recent chronic injury drives Raoul to tackle challenges that affect people’s quality of life. Due to clinical immersion together with a multidisciplinary team, he sees the CIF program as the perfect opportunity to truly innovate.

Jenny Roessler

Jenny is a medical doctor currently doing her residency in Clinical Physiology at Karolinska University Hospital. Prior to doing her medical degree at Karolinska Institute I did a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering in Canada, and worked in the space robotics (Canadarm2) and medical robotics field as a test engineer. The idea of Clinical Innovation Fellowships was very attractive to Jenny as it combines several of her interests: working with innovation, improving healthcare, and working in a multidisciplinary team environment. She sees this program as an exciting opportunity to have a different approach to the challenges faced by patients and the healthcare system today. 

Giampaolo Martufi  

As technology consultant in ABB Corporate Research, Giampaolo provided support in applied mechanics to ABB business units worldwide and across the entire product range. As expert in biomechanics, he used tools and methods of engineering to provide early diagnoses and safe treatment monitoring for vascular diseases. Giampaolo disseminated over twenty journal articles within the field of biomechanics. He hopes to use the Clinical Innovation Fellowship program as an opportunity to bring together highly complementary expertise from medical and engineering science to better address current health care needs.

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